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Wow, do I have a lot to be thankful for right now. This winter wasn’t nearly as hard on the fish as last year and most of the cold weather seems to be behind us. The water temp is starting to warm up and is getting close to that magic number of 70. This Sunday I picked up my clients at O’Neill’s right at sunrise and we were off. It was set to be a banner day with warm weather, calm seas and a good tide. We started off the morning with a goal to get a limit of trout for a neighborhood cookout. 

Unfortunately, we had to set another goal as we limited out on trout in the first hour. We brought over 40 trout to the boat throughout the day with most being in the lower part of the slot and a few over 20 inches. We ran into the bay to check on some redfish in a late winter spot that had produced without fail for the last few months. These redfish must not have gotten the memo that the surrounding flat was warm and full of bait,  because sure enough they were still there, packed as tight as sardines. We fished them for a few minutes, catching a few under slot reds and a couple of nice whiting, Surprise! I haven’t seen a whiting since I fished for them off the beaches with sand fleas when I was a kid, but it was good to see they are still doing well.

We ended the day with two nice flounder and some well overdue sun tans. Things are about to really heat up all across our region.
So until next time, get out there and get on ‘em.

Capt. Matt Santiago

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