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This time of year offers lots of different species to target for the inshore angler.  We started the day off in the backwater throwing artificial lures for Snook and Redfish.  Focusing on mangrove shorelines and small tidal eddies, we scored big and Danielle got her first Snook ever and what a first it was! It measured 38″ inches and weighed in at 18lbs.  Once the tide slowed we moved off into some deeper water to look for larger fish.Our target this time was Black Drum.  We scored big right away, getting 10 Drum to the boat, some weighing up to 40lbs.  Although these monsters aren’t good to eat they put up a good fight on light tackle.

I picked up my clients last Saturday and put together a game plan as we idled away from the dock.  My clients weren’t too picky about what they wanted to catch; they were just looking for steady action and a few fish to bring home for the dinner table.  Well, they got what they were looking for!  Our first spot of the morning produced over 30 Spotted Sea Trout.  These guys are a blast on light tackle and also make good table fare. We loaded the cooler in no time and from what i hear they had a feast that night.

After catching our limit of trout, we moved out to look for other tasty fish to take home and our target was the Mangrove Snapper.   The problem was that the juvenile Grouper were stealing our baits before they could hit the bottom, fortunately these guys also put up a heck of a fight on light tackle.  Jacks and Spanish Mackerel came to join in on the fun as well.

This is a great time of year now matter what inshore species you are after so get out there and catch some fish!

Let’s Go Fishing!