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Shallow water redfish might be my passion, but largemouth bass fishing during the spawn and pre-spawn months has been a tradition for me since i was a kid. I loaded up the Hewes Redfisher with a different type of tackle this day. Topwater frogs, weedless worms, and texas rigs filled the tackle storage and off to a local lake we went.

Today we were focusing on bass starting to stage up in their pre-spawn homes. We focused on deep grass, docks, and holes adjacent to shallow water.

Around the docks we found the best success on WAVE WORMS rigged wacky style. Used on owner 1/0 wide gap worm hooks with no weight, letting them flutter down next to the dock pilings showed the most results. It seemed if you got too far away from the pilings they would not come out and eat.

Another tactic we used was throwing topwater frogs also WAVE WORM brand. Whenever we saw a big bed of thick grass on the surface the frog was the first bait to leave the boat, and usually there was a hungry female under there waiting to pounce. This is, to me, the most exciting strike you can get while bass fishing.

In about another month you can look for these fish even shallower, on beds. Make sure not to spook them and make long casts. Almost like redfishing, bass fishing tactics can transfer right over to saltwater. Its always good to get a change of scenery and go back to your roots. I mean, what kid didn’t grow up sneaking through the neighbors yard to get to that secret honey hole.

Tight lines and remember to be courteous to your fellow angler.