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The fish are biting and the weather is nice, everyone should be trying to get out to do a little fishing. I have been fishing Tampa Bay with some great success. Every year the Redfish in Tampa Bay go back to their wintertime spots and I am not talking about the little 8 to 12 inchers that go to the rivers every year.  The fish that I am talking about are the big ones. The Redfish are on the flats and some days they are up close to the shore, and some days they are over 500 yards from the shore. The secret is to stay in the schools of mullet no matter how far they go from shore, and it might surprise you how far you will have to go.

My clients and I have been catching these fish for the last few weeks on artificials only. The artificials that we have been using are the SS Minnow and the Boss jerkbaits by FishOn Lures. Match those baits with the best fish attractant on the market, Pro-Cure Super Gel.  Pro-Cure is the best on the market and they have a bunch of different flavors.  The flavors that I use the most are Shrimp, Crab, Mullet and the Shrimp Spawn. Just buy you a bottle of it and the next time you go out fishing start fishing without it.  Then when you start catching fish put some of the Pro-Cure on your bait and I guarantee you will see an increase your catch.

It’s not just the increase in fish that you will see, you will notice that the fish are going to hold onto the baits a lot longer than normal. That will give you an edge and you will land a lot more fish because of it.

Well, the fish are out by the hundreds and if you are sitting on the couch you are not going to catch any! I have been averaging tons of in slot Redfish everyday, not including Trout, Snook, Flounder and so on. So get off your butts and get in your boats or just call me and we will get out there to have an absolute blast!

Hopefully I will see you on the water and thanks for reading.