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You know how people say not to go grocery shopping when your hungry? The same rule applies to fishing in my case! Summertime offers a lot of different species to target, most of which make great table fare. We started the day off in the backwaters working mangrove shorelines for Redfish.  We scored big with nonstop action of slot sized Reds.

Although Redfish are quite tasty, we still believe conservation is key and we limit ourselves on what we keep.  We moved out  to some open water with a depth of 20′-25′ that had some rock piles and debris stacked up.  Not to our surprise we found a hand full of hungry Mangrove Snapper.  Mangrove Snapper are very smart and required us to drop our tackle down to 20lb leader and size #1 circle hooks, which also makes the fight that much more intense.  We put a few in the cooler to keep our redfish company, but before we could leave the spot we were surprised to pull up a nice 19″ Flounder.  With plenty of fish for dinner we called it a day. Off the water by 10:30am before that summer heat really settled in.

Let’s go fishing!