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Right now we have a lot of Redfish in Tampa Bay, the only problem is that they are still in transition moving into their fall/pre-winter time homes. For the most part I am focusing on areas with oyster beds or Mullet activity on the higher tides, and looking for tailing fish on the open flats on the lower tides. It is important for me to stay fishing even on my days off, to ensure I stay in tune with the Redfish habits and patterns. Solo scouting trips lately have produced well using artificial lures, and for the most part these fish have cooperated well again with clients aboard. Right now my bait of choice varies from topwater lures in the early morning, to live Sardines when the sun is out, and shrimp on a cork later in the day. The bite is half as good for me later in the day so nearly all recent trips have been completed before 12pm. All my Redfish tackle is a 7’6 medium action rod with 2500 or 3000 size reel. 15lb powerpro and 20-25lb flourocarbon leader. I prefer using circle hooks for nearly all applications and I match my hook size to the size of my bait.

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