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Last weekend I had some free time, so what did I do, Go Fishing! Courtney was begging me for some tasty fish to eat, so I called some friends and we all headed west for some offshore grocery shopping. We sabikied up some live bait and cruised through calm seas as the sun came up behind us.  We pulled up to our first spot and decided to make a drift before anchoring up. The first bait down got hammered almost instantly and it was non stop action from then on. We drifted some good hard bottom in the morning and had our limit of nice Red Grouper before noon. Courtney put on a Grouper clinic putting the first three keepers in the cooler. We spent a few hours picking through nice Red Snapper for some tasty Lane’s and Mangroves for dinner. We left the fish biting and hit the dock before the afternoon storms. It was great to be out there with my wife and friends, the cooler full of fish was just a bonus.  The offshore bite has been great, running a little bit deeper has been the key to finding good fish, just remember the sunscreen and plenty of water, its HOT!

Quality time with Family, Friends and Fish, there’s not a better combination!
Capt. Matt