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Spring is officially here. This was my first trip this year using live Greenbacks, and to no surprise all the fish were ready to eat them. We staged on a flat where the outgoing tide brought all kinds of species out of the shallow backwater, right into my line of baits. Multiple healthy Snook around 25″ were landed along with half a dozen beautiful Redfish.

Spotted Sea Trout and Flounder also came to join the party. Once the tide got too low for the flats we made a move into some deeper water looking for other species. As soon as we got the boat positioned the first cast produced a monster 34″ Redfish. This was followed by another 4 or 5 Snook, Spanish Mackeral and a few Sheepshead. Spring in my opinion the best time of the year to catch numerous fish species through out the day. Afterall, before we know it, it will be Tarpon season.

Let’s Go Fishing!

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