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Right now the Redfish are gathered in large schools across the grass flats.  This time of year it is not uncommon to come across a pod of 500 over slot Redfish, which is exactly what happened this morning.  We started slowly running the trolling motor across the high-tide flooded grass flats looking for small pods of fish hanging around potholes.  Within ten minutes we found our first school, it was about 400-500 fish thick and not a fish under 30″ inches.

They were very spooky in the clear water so a long cast was a must, we instantly hooked up and the school scattered but the first fish landed was the biggest of the day at 38″. After releasing the fish we started our search again, about 10 minutes later we had them in our sights. This time we found a group of smaller fish ranging from 24″-30″.  We left the Redfish and went to find more monster Trout.  We caught a few, left them biting and were off the water by 11 A.M.

Tight lines!

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