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Well, like it or not winter is near. I personally love fishing in the winter time, negative low tides and gin clear water. Usually finding a few fish can mean a full days worth of action is close by. Redfish and Trout (although Trout is out of season for the remainder of year in our region) are the main targets however Snook, Flounder, Sheepshead, and juvenile Tarpon can be caught.

Recent trips have resulted in over 30 Redfish being caught on a single half-day charter. There is a lot of big Trout around that are a ton of fun to catch on light tackle and a good spot this time of year can hold upwards of 50 fish. My personal favorite winter-time species is the Sheepshead. For anyone looking for a fun fight as well as taking home some meat and with a limit of 15 per person the Sheepshead or “sheepy” is a go to fish.

Snook will come out of their hideouts and lay up on shallow flats keeping warm, but remember to handle them with care as they do not take the cold too well.  The fly fishing for me really picks up this time of year and who doesnt get a rush from stalking Redfish, Snook, or Trout in super shallow water, or backcountry pockets. Dont let this cold weather keep you inside when the fishing is on fire!

Remember to be courteous to your fellow angler.
Tight lines – Captain John Gordon