Post Frontal Fishing

Fishing right after a cold front can sometime be difficult. In my experience I find the fish up in shallow water. When these fish move in they can be hard to locate but as soon as you find them, they are usually stacked up pretty good.

This cold front was no exception, we started out in 7-8ft. of water looking for snook only to find scattered Redfish and other species such as Snapper, Sheepshead, Read More

Upper Bay Redfish!

Right now we have a lot of Redfish in Tampa Bay, the only problem is that they are still in transition moving into their fall/pre-winter time homes. For the most part I am focusing on areas with oyster beds or Mullet activity on the higher tides, and looking for tailing fish on the open flats on the lower tides. It is important for me to stay fishing even on my days off, to ensure I stay in tune with the Redfish habits and patterns. Read More

Offshore Fun with Friends!

Last weekend I had some free time, so what did I do, Go Fishing! Courtney was begging me for some tasty fish to eat, so I called some friends and we all headed west for some offshore grocery shopping. We sabikied up some live bait and cruised through calm seas as the sun came up behind us.  We pulled up to our first spot and decided to make a drift before anchoring up. The first bait down got hammered almost instantly and it was non stop action from then on. Read More

Offshore for Some Drag Screaming Amberjack!

Last weekend I got a call from Dean who wanted to take his son and his buddies out for some offshore fishing before they all went off to college.  He requested nice weather, a nice boat and some fish that would wear out the boys and I had just the plan.  Sunday we ran offshore on the big Cabo yacht and were greeted by calm seas and sunny weather.

After some bottom fishing to put some fish in the cooler for dinner, it was time for the guys to battle some Amberjack, Read More

Multi-Species Day! 7-22-11

My clients had 2 goals today. Goal number 1 was to catch their first slot size Redfish, goal number 2 was to catch their first Snook.  I picked them up just after sunrise to catch the remainder of the tide and made the run to our first spot. At first I was getting worried the fish weren’t going to show due to lack of moving water but after a little chum it was like clockwork.

They came out of their hideouts ready to ambush our baits.  Within the first 30 minutes all 3 guys had the slot Redfish goal checked  Read More

Grocery Store Fishing! 7-20-11

You know how people say not to go grocery shopping when your hungry? The same rule applies to fishing in my case! Summertime offers a lot of different species to target, most of which make great table fare. We started the day off in the backwaters working mangrove shorelines for Redfish.  We scored big with nonstop action of slot sized Reds.

Although Redfish are quite tasty, we still believe conservation is key and we limit ourselves on what we keep.  We moved out   Read More

Summer fishing as hot as the weather!

It’s been awhile since our last report, fortunately due in part to long days of great fishing.  The fishing has been great and as we transition from spring to summer patterns,  you never know what kind of action you’ll encounter.  Tarpon are still roaming the Bay, Snook are really active along the beaches and passes, the Redfish bite has been great, and the offshore fishing has been on fire!

Read More

Redfish Bonanza with Capt. John Gordon

Right now the Redfish are gathered in large schools across the grass flats.  This time of year it is not uncommon to come across a pod of 500 over slot Redfish, which is exactly what happened this morning.  We started slowly running the trolling motor across the high-tide flooded grass flats looking for small pods of fish hanging around potholes.  Within ten minutes we found our first school, it was about 400-500 fish thick and not a fish under 30″ inches.

Read More

Chicago Boys Tangle with Tarpon!

Last weekend I had the Chicago crew down again for their annual guys fishing trip.  This year the group added another “Mike” to make 3 and 2 days to their trip.  They showed up ready to fish, unfortunately Mother Nature threw a wrench in our plan blowing winds 20-30 Knots on the first two days.  So instead of trying to get on some Tarpon from the start, we spent the first two days ducking in and out of rivers and estuaries catching everything from Trout, Ladyfish and Jack Crevalle to Snook and Redfish. Read More

May Inshore Fishing Report

This time of year offers lots of different species to target for the inshore angler.  We started the day off in the backwater throwing artificial lures for Snook and Redfish.  Focusing on mangrove shorelines and small tidal eddies, we scored big and Danielle got her first Snook ever and what a first it was! It measured 38″ inches and weighed in at 18lbs.  Once the tide slowed we moved off into some deeper water to look for larger fish. Read More